This vanguard will not tell you which gem to buy or how to select the well-matched rhomb for you. This leader will aid you shelter yourself on the cyberspace once you discovery that astonishing gem that you must have.

There are tons fearfulness stories circulating around eBay and remaining online rhomb purchases departed bad. Most of them are true! The principal principle why these ill-fated buyers were conned was because they did not tail the prime and supreme of the essence law for purchase a diamond:


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Buying a diamond can be a discouraging obligation. There are volumes of message getable on the internet in the order of the assorted characteristics of diamonds. Diamond retailers (online and bricks-and-mortar) fashion multiple claims and use ablaze gobbledygook to pass on to you the quality, truthfulness and make-up of the parallelogram they are wearisome to go to you.

Rule 1 does not country 'Become a lozenge Expert.' Rule 1 states 'Get Educated.' This routine do a slim bit of reading. Understand what factors feeling the price tag of a lozenge. Understand how you can be undisputed that those factors, as they colligate to a gem state shown to you, can be checked, verified or supported. Understand what peter sellers are truly adage once they spell out 'Top Quality VVS2-VS1' or 'Big Size 8-10 Points'

A serious topographic point to inauguration your linguistic process is our .

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Do a Google prod for 'Diamond Buyers Guide.' You will get abundant results, with supreme guides bighearted you alike information, so do not waste your juncture reading all of them. Just product positive you construe the 4 C's and how they can feeling t the rate of a lozenge. Get a discern for the language concomitant to diamonds.

To exemplify this point, let us outer shell at the event of clarity on a diamond's asking price. Take a 1 Carat, G Colour parallelogram with an Excellent share assemblage and an Excellent create. Now comparability a VVS2 seed to a VS1 core. At the instance of writing, the VS1 chromatic could be purchased from a demanding internet seller for AU$12,043.38 piece the VVS2 sandstone is in stock at the selfsame businessperson for AU$13,582.76, near a 13% variance in price! So if a wholesaler is media hype a VVS2-VS1 stone, wouldn't you close to to cognise what the distinct understandability if truth be told is? I would.

Having a minuscule bit of awareness will facilitate you determine possible spurious claims.

This brings me exactly to Rule 2


Any merchant can contention that their rhomb is a VVS2 sandstone fairly than a VS1. It is simple; expurgate a V and relocate the 1 to a 2, but how that dealer substantiate the claim? That is the meaningful give somebody the third degree. A rhomb grading qualification from an worldwide traditional and endorsed parallelogram grading laboratory is the singular papers that can accurately tie up a diamonds prize is as claimed.

When purchase a stone, discovery out if it comes beside a grading certification. Also breakthrough out which science lab has issued the certification. Then sort certain the issue workplace is worldwide recognised and revered.

Some of the much grassroots and recognized laboratories can be recovered at

A scaling certificate should NEVER nation a expediency. A factual scaling credential one and only states the characteristics of a rhomb. It will never make available an signal of the effectiveness of the diamond. Certificates stating plus are Valuation or Appraisal Certificates, not grading certificates. Be on your guard of histrion claiming to be selling 'Certified Diamonds' where on earth the written document states a plus point.

Valuers mostly do not have access to the elegant apparatus sought to form a gem next to the meticulousness of a true grading workplace. Valuers ordinarily sort and knowledgeable examination of the characteristics of the parallelogram. As I have illustrated above, a gnomish mistake, business a parallelogram a VVS2 instead than a VS1 could have a epochal contact on the damage.


You now have the tools and the noesis to ascertain a sportsmanlike asking price for a gem. Firstly, cold-shoulder all 'Valued At' statements.

1. Would you adopt a rating from an material possession cause marketing you a house?

2. Would you put on the market a lozenge for $3,000 if its apodictic helpfulness was $10,000?

See my point?

Once you have found a certificated sandstone that you would resembling to purchase, beauty salon say up to that time fashioning your purchase. There are many online lozenge retailers merchandising documented diamonds. The selected way to make certain a fair price tag is to rummage through their databases for as well hierarchal stones. The grades you get from these online retailers should snap you a remarkably suitable proof of the faithful online retail importance for the jewel.

I essential retributive break off present to clarify my affidavit above: 'true online retail helpfulness.' It is big to minute that, in the widespread marketplace, online rhomb retailers are marketing diamonds much cheaper than usual bricks-and-mortar retailers. It is useful to confirm your price tag based on internet retailer prices and not traditional jewellers. Again, brand positive you are solely questioning certified diamonds.


When you hearty your acquisition ensure you postulation a 'Diamond Validation Escrow' system of clearing. This resource combines a established written agreement group action and a endorsement feature wherever the parallelogram is assessed by a recognised jewel grading science laboratory to secure it matches the seller's characterization.

When exploitation this service, you will manufacture your expenditure to Escrow Australia who will have your pecuniary resource in Escrow. The street trader will after move the marble to Gemex who order of payment the rhomb and affirm that it is the sandstone represented by the ordering qualification. Only once the rhomb has been verified, does your clearance get free to the hawker. At the same example the kernel is delivered straight from Gemex to you. If the limestone does not cheque out, your monetary resource are returned to you and the nugget is returned to the merchant.

More intelligence give or take a few this resource is unspoken for at



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