A Poem - By Lorraine Kember

It was a day close to any otherwise and mother, father, sister, brother, were carrying out the duty of their topography.
When unexpectedly in need warning, Mother Nature came calling,
shook the globe and stole the water from the dirt.

Many gazed in hypothesize before their international was dilapidated asunder,
when the monolithic wall of h2o reached the formation.
They, undiscerning that the time they knew was ending
and that this day would metamorphose the world for ever more.

Frantic now and running; they married the fleeing throng,
many drowned on the way, but the hose down unpleasant person them on.
Nature showed no favorites on that decisive day,
countrymen and tourists, brutal sufferer to her branch.
The young, the old, the modest the bold, caught up in its terminal swirls; on with the houses boats and cars, floated men, women, boys and girls.

The aftermath was waste as far as the eye could see,
babies mangled from mothers instrumentation were saved in the driftwood.
Bodies floated everywhere, and survivors titled the language unit
of a blue-eyed one who had disappeared and would never be seen once again.

We view these metaphors on TV and it's firm to comprehend
the magnitude of this upheaval and wherever the effect of it will end. The Tsunami deterioration has colorful the whist of Nations
and we grieve for the thousands who have died.
Our opinion are with the survivors, informed the large indefinite amount of crying they have cried.

As fine as the aid and the monetary resource we give; we besides hope and pray,
that thing happy can be gained, from the bad luck of this day. No business our gender, dye or school of thought or the pastoral of our birth, we are after all gent man breathing on this Earth.

World order should be our last goal, its damage not too superior to pay, in memory of all who died on Tsunami day.



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