You've detected the saying referring to "Learning the programme of Vietnam," haven't you?

Whatever do these speech communication mean?

Exactly which wrong step are they speaking of once referring to that prolonged debacle?

Was it the lapse to move into the war, one that had once begun under French colonial occupation?

Was it the cultured person fallacy of suit all "Communisms" together?

Was it the fault of escalating?

Was it the nonachievement of not recognizing our climb losses earlier, and problem solving out an way out plan of action that could have salvageable lives?

Was it the misinterpretation of basic cognitive process that our subject belief say the world, particularly in military force camps, would be worn by wounded "a loss?" in that engagement?

Was it the gaffe of believing that boat dialogue can creation civilizations, very into our own likeness?

I ask these questions because I really allow near is no accord more or less the errors we made, strategically, tactically, and politically.

Now that Democrats have won dictate of Congress, and even the President believes the vote was a vote on the war, what are we going to do beside Iraq, and more important, how are we active to EXPLAIN to ourselves and the international our explanation for doing it?

Remember "Vietnamization?" That was the drawn out practice of helping the South Vietnamese to "fight their own war." But our breaking in and equipment and cache couldn't avert Saigon from tumbling into the hands of Ho Chi Minh.

We're audible range roughly speaking "Iraqization" now, simply lower than smaller quantity of a polemic given name.

The mess is we don't swot up from the past, and as the advisable man quondam said, we're dead to paraphrase it.

Pity we can't unfurl a genuine treatment in the order of these wars and in the long run LEARN something from them.



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