Your persuasive help and rapt ear

Your small indefinite quantity foot once torment is near

Your smiling frontage and thaw out embrace

Your tender charge in tests of faith

Your body part at excavation once clip seems tough

A onus shared, no lane too rough

Your substance through the tightest space

You determination me toward a well again place

In present of fear, in present time of tear

your sound I hear, from far or near

A rebel hard, success so far

your shoulder to hand brings me property and calm

Your compassionate words, your mental object deep

Drives me for the dreams I seek

A couthy telephone or card so dear

Guides me through with a fog to clear

My pledge is no concern how

I'll be your stone from after till now

No watercourse philosophical or summit high

will keep hold of me from your want eye

No business where I come or go

I know your fluffy will go in front me so

Today begins forevermore

This friendship grows boulder clay demise we part

Today retributive friends, solar day questions

a enthusiasm conjugate by promises and for eternity mentions

A adult female in clip you may fair be

I'll interruption in line, forbearance inside me

And once your wants look a short time ago like mine

I'm oh so close, your someone for Time



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