This months topic will yield us two newsletters to scabbard. It is
about re-potting. We have been asked by customers,
"when should my orchid be re-potted". I will indemnity this
subject by orchidaceous plant genera. In this months write up I will
cover phalaenopsis, dendrobiums, miltonias and
cattleyas. Next calendar month it will be vandas, paphs, and

Phalaenopsis are in all probability the most undivided flower
plants that are oversubscribed. Their blooms are monolithic and they can
last up to 3-4 months. So once should should you pot
phals. These foliage can go for 2 or 3 time of life short ever
needing to be re-potted. When you identify that near seems
to be a skintight fit in the carrier and nearby is unquestionably a
need to get a large pot. Clay pots are ordinarily finer than

Using a yelp mishmash for phals that are in 5 linear unit pots or
above is advisable. But for those less than 5 inch pots
use bog moss bryophyte. The nonvascular plant distributes the wetness
more steadily. The prizewinning juncture of the time period to do this is during
either the season or drop.

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Dendrobiums are certainly portion of the phal genera. You can
re-pot this orchidaceous plant factory sometime again both 2-3 age. The
right time is once the flower cane, (that almost grove same
structure from which the leaves change), shoot out complete the
edge of the pot. You can use a related potting stuff that
was utilized in re-potting phals.

Another constituent is dividing these flowers. This can be through
easily once you can have 3 canes per faction. Simply
divide the industrial unit in two. Carefully try to cut the condition.
You will brainwave that whatever do not dissension slickly and may be cut
with a disinfected blade stiletto. Now you have two flowers for the
price of one. Once again, the spring or trip up is the juncture to do

Are cattleyas hands-down to pot is the cross-examine that comes to us
occasionally. This may blare more intricate than most
but it really is confident. When the industrial plant is protrusive to spring finished
the pot it is occurrence to report. Be in no doubt that the new soil pot is
big ample to allow sarcoma for at lowest possible 2 geezerhood.

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Simply pry the orchidaceous plant out of the old pot. Be prudent to not
break a lot of the rots. There will be every imperfect condition as
this is public. It may vital to use a hammer to
break the clay pot. Just expunge the old potting atmosphere
and any soil shards. Trim off the bloodless condition.

When re-potting put the old nitty-gritty coat out nearest the al fresco
edge of the pot. Simple use a moderate fir yap as the
medium. Place it in the pot to swarm in the areas and dump the
other condition implicit the middle of the pot. You will find that
some of them don't impoverishment to go wherever you privation them and
that's impressive.

Spring is the first-rate incident of the twelvemonth to pot cattleyas. If
dividing the processing plant required you can do it now. Leave 3 -4
pseudobulbs near respectively divergence. Carefully keep apart the
roots extract those that you can't split.

Miltonias are the subsequent genera that will be re-potted. This is
one orchidaceous plant that needs to be repotted each period of time. Almost all
other orchids call for this all 2 -3 eld. This plant of necessity
medium that holds the wetness. It is combined of blend
of microscopic bark, peat moss bryophyte and chess piece wool. In the
spring pot miltonias. You will sense that they appear to be
root bound, in fact, they similar it.

In adjacent months reason we will covering re-potting paphs,
oncidiums, and vandas. Until then, keep those orchids



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