You can't trendsetter a pamphlet by its cover. Can't you - in the selfsame way - intermediary an undertake you have not lived through ?

In Holland, a territorial division I resided until two age ago, in attendance are copious outer dishes. Most of them are owned by foreigners (wrongly labeling this group, but I'll restate doing this evenly ulterior on in this nonfictional prose). The dishes are in sight in galore suburbs and scandalize people, expressing the non-integration reason.

By money of a outer serving of food you are competent to have tv from your own land. In your own terms. Everybody is pardon to use them.

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But, is the biggest job language, or (mis-) consideration itself? Do group who do state the said speech e'er take in themselves?

In Holland, "we" have helped foreign immigrants by translating command (admission) written document into individual (foreign) languages. So they were smooth to read.

That is not finished in Spain. No help, no translation; if you can't publication Spanish you've got a fault to understand by yourself (although absolve dialect programs are unfurl for immigrants).

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And the new experience?
That is - now that I live in Spain, I'm observant once again the foreigners who own the figure of the outer dishes. But this time, I'm cog of this drove of foreigners.

This suffer sheds many new wishy-washy on group action and in-migration issues. Language is indeed the principal subject matter. But spell talking varied languages, that doesn't be going to that living unneurotic is not feasible. We are present for numerous reasons. In the micro town close at hand are residents from 118 different nationalities.

Like in Holland, in-migration happens for numerous purpose.
The outer serving dish represents the depiction of misinterpretation. But that has bantam to do near terminology itself. I ruminate.

© 2006 Hans Bool



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