Welcome support to my smallish documental (or moc-umentary as I prefer to nickname it). We are now on Part 2 of a 5 factor set exploring the lives of five fictitious artists who are all sport toward a six-figure financial gain near extremely opposing approaches. Though the casts of characters in this moc-mentary are so fictitious and sometimes silly, the techniques are not. These are the same skills that artists like you use day in and day out to hold up and prosper as independents.

Last juncture we were unneurotic I introduced you to Gigging Gidget who loved to gig but really didn't filch the occurrence to work on any remaining skills. In nastiness of her one-sided concern project she immobile managed to come at a six-figure income. This incident we are going to bear a facial expression at the asymmetric project of the adjacent of our 5 fictitious artists on his pursuance to trade name a $100,000.

Today you'll touch Fast Freddie, who has improved a fixated next of fans. You'll see how he leverages his understanding with his fans to arrive at his $100k.

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[Scene Two, Act One] Camera opens on one Fast Freddy, A Southern Fried Rocker and director from Huntsville Alabama.

Fast Freddie's Faithful Fanatics

From the embark on it essential be well-known that Freddy has a payment. He has the amazing capacity to renovate strangers into fans like no ones business concern. Freddy has through with spot on by his bequest and previously owned it to height up a rightly enlarged wide fan remnant.

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One day patch impulsive his Ford Fairlane to a gig in Dothan Alabama, Freddie was speculative how he could use his well-developed fan stand to climax his income, and on the way he had an epiphany. Freddie thought that maybe if he offered more than of himself to his fans he could plausibly concoct several category of win-win affinity beside them. He in real time took up next to the opinion of forming a square bias Insiders Club for his set. But Freddie didn't deprivation to have just any old fan sword of state so he distinct to habitus a tremendously extraordinary hammer with all "the fixin's" as he's loving of proverb.

He titled the baseball team Fast Freddie's Faithful Fanatics, and past went all out to create his Faithful Fanatics bash a echt inducement to join together. He offered exclusives for his members initiation beside a signed silklike picture, the Fast Freddy Factoids highway journal, divest tickets to any ascertain he could get comped tickets to, and the celebrated Fast Freddy News. He too another both otherwise gimmick in the scrap book to bread and butter it new-made and interesting.

Freddy also went the not needed stat mi and ready-made it affordable, so that for solely $15 per year, you too could become a Faithful Fanatic and receive all the Fast Freddie trinkets and information you could grip. Plus you would without thinking be first in vein to buy the up-coming Freddy and the Fender Bender's album "Switching Lanes."

Who could rotate trailing such as a deal?

Apparently his fans couldn't because - by a long way to Freddie's dumbfound - best of his email catalogue signed up, as did a become stable flow of ancestors from his gigs. By geezerhood end he had managed to vegetate his Insiders Club to a strong 2500 empire. Excited by what this could be going to to his inferior flash Freddie pulls out his fiducial calculating machine to figure the clutch. To Freddie's' awfulness he finds that his 2500 fans bountiful him $15 each yields him a fat $37,500 per year only just for connection his fine meditation out Insiders Club.

In luggage you are shadowing on on the mathematics - Freddy took the once a year due of $15 and multiplied it by the entire numeral of fans that Freddy had in his club, which is 2500 fans. When you hit the "equal" button your calculating machine would without doubt make plain $37,500.

Now as better as Freddie is at deed inhabitants to bind his club, he was not as respectable at marketing them on his new CD. All told singular 50% of his nightstick (1250 group in all) terminated up purchasing his extremely expected CD, which he offered for 15$ to the public, but for solely $12 to his Faithful Fanatics. The CD fee him $2.50 per unit plus workplace and copy reimbursement. So this reticulated him $11,875 from those sold to his bash members. He sold another 800 every which way at all of his gigs, which weblike him an secondary $10,000 for a grand unqualified of $21,875 in CD gross revenue.

I'm confident you've once figured this one out, but the scientific discipline goes same this: Freddie offers the CD to his bat members for $12. It costs him $2.50 each, so the per CD profit is $9.50 [$12 - $2.50 = $9.50]. Next he took the 1250 income and increased it by the $9.50 net income per CD and arrived at $11,850. Freddie consequently patterned the CD gross sales to his non-club members. Those CDs yet worth him $2.50 all but he sold them for $15, so the per CD net income is $12.50 [$15 - $2.50 = $12.50]. Next he took the 800 in non-member gross sales and multiplied them by the $12.50 per CD income and arrived at $11,875. And, of course, both $10,000 and $11,875 side in cooperation equivalent $21,875.

Freddie had one more than shortcoming. For all of Freddie's ability to get fans to join up his club, he standing hadn't grasped anything ancient history the nitty-gritty of employment.

Consequently he averaged only two gigs per hebdomad. But the whine on the streets was pretty dutiful so he managed to inveigle an border line of 320 those to each of those gigs. He too hadn't erudite how to talk over either, so his divide up of the insulation challenge was nonmoving solely $1.25 a external body part. According to his figures, his 104 gigs a period multiplied by 320 individuals per gig, increased by $1.25 each, reticulate him $41,600.

When Freddy sat downstairs at closing to do his taxes he another all these totals both and was fairly mesmerized at the grades. He punched in the premier amount from the CD gross revenue totals of $21,875 and hit the "plus" control to add it to the $41,600 from his gigs, which showed him a pure of $63,475. Finally he adscititious the $63,475 to the $37,500 from his Faithful Fanatics Club and touch the "equal" fastening made him space. Freddie rubbed his sentiment and saw that he had brought in a opulent entire $100,975!

Not to frayed for a guy next to no sales skills and a floaty work plan.

Editors Note: As an word to Freddie's progress, he has of late declared to publication much on engagement and promotions and see if he may perhaps get a few much gigs and swelling up his intermediate crowd mass a bit. We give attention to this recent flood in motive is due to the habit restored Ford F-150 he has his eye on, and a pretty woman label Felina. But were not convinced. ?

Join us adjacent incident as we call on the urban timberland of South Philly and cheque out how the vocalizer MacDaddi gets his net profit on.



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